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Woodcut Funhouse

Rat Bag

Rat Bag

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If you were from Finland during the war you might be tempted to keep your bread in this shoulder bag. But these days people from all over the world refer to these bags as rat bags. And you don't have to keep bread in there .  (But you could). I personally use mine to hold my chisels while I'm working on my woodcuts...  Each bag comes with the Smoking Cat, Scorpion and Rat Appliques as well as the Woodcut Funhouse sewn in label....


this is from my suppliers website - 

This bread bag is an old classic. First fielded en masse by the Germans in WWI, and in Finland, this shoulder bag saw use through WWII up till the introduction of the M/85 load-bearing system in the early 90s! Most of the ones in this batch were made in the 1960s and feature four strap attachment points on the flap, but there can very well be older ones in the mix, too. No point in stopping to use a perfectly good bag just because they give you something better.

The lid covers the whole bag and is closed with two leather straps and buttons. The mouth can also be closed with a separate strap & button combo. The original idea was to attach the mess tin and the canteen to the flap. The mess tin was attached from the handle to the clip and secured in place with a strap to the attachment points. The canteen was hung from the D ring found at the top of the bag and secured to the attachment points with the strap found on the canteen itself. On the backside, you will wind belt loops that can be opened. The shoulder sling is adjustable and detachable.

An overwhelming majority of these come in field gray. However, there are a few green ones in this batch, so don’t blow your cosmic consciousness if you get such a rarity. The shade can also vary from darker to lighter colors.

Measurements roughly when full: 25 x 25 x 15 cm (10" x 10x 6").

⩙ My woodcuts are carved from Baltic Birch or Japanese Shina using an assortment of Japanese gouges printed on American-made presses, fueled by ice-cold Mountain Dew with Guided by Voices always playing loudly in the background!

⩙ These graphics are printed with oil-based relief ink. The sheer force of the printing process merges the ink into the fabric. You will lose a minimal amount of the initial brightness on the first washing. After that, the image will stabilize and look great- holding up for quite a long time.

⩙ These shirts are machine washable- we always wash ours inside out in cold water and dry on a low setting.

⩙ This is not an editioned print- each of these shirts may look slightly different in terms of placement and color due to my approach to printing.

⩙ Every purchase you make allows me to stay home with my wife Julie and our five children. It also allows me to invest more in additional materials and supplies to continue my lifetime pursuit of making woodcuts.

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