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King Joe Woodcut Artist Proof Prints

King Joe Woodcut Artist Proof Prints

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Ok I printed a whole bunch of these before I decided on the one that I’m going to edition. I’m not absolutely certain that I’m going to edition this, I might just move on to my next print. If I do edition it it’s gonna be the last one listed. Proof 13  ( SHOWN FOR REFERENCE BUT NOT FOR SALE). I would do an edition of twenty prints and they’ll be $75 each. I feel like there’s something to like about each of these but other than the last one I printed I didn’t feel like they were quite up to being edition worthy. Anyway if you see one you like , grab it fast as I only have one of each. They’re priced low enough that you could get a couple and still afford an editioned print if you want one ! 


King Joe proofs 1-12   

8" x 12" 

Artist Proof

Oil Based Ink on Paper


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