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I Love New York Pizza Rat Linocut Handprinted T-Shirt by Vivi

I Love New York Pizza Rat Linocut Handprinted T-Shirt by Vivi

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This is the first of what will be many T-shirts created by my 12-year-old daughter Vivian. She loves art and spends a lot of time in the studio with me! She was working on a comic book with her twin brother Ian and drew a little graffiti on a backgroud wall. The closer I looked at it, the harder it was to believe that she came up with it and it was so insignificant to her. The rat holding the pizza formed the heart in the classic I love New York logo! I told her she should make a linocut of it so she could sell some shirts and make a little money. Here it is! 

I'm really excited about this killer design, and I hope you R2 !

 I love the way these little linocut graphics look when they are printed over top of each other.  

These Multicolor shirts are amazing! Instead of just going through the press once with black ink these shirts are hand-cranked through the press up to 4 times.

These shirts are handprinted from my woodblocks onto 100% cotton Bella/Canvas.

⩙ These graphics are printed with oil-based relief ink. The sheer force of the printing process merges the ink into the fabric. You will lose a minimal amount of the initial brightness on the first washing. After that, the image will stabilize and look great- holding up for quite a long time.

⩙ These shirts are machine washable- we always wash ours inside out in cold water and dry on a low setting.

⩙ This is not an editioned print- each of these shirts may look slightly different in terms of placement and color due to my approach to printing.

⩙ Every purchase you make allows me to stay home with my wife Julie and our five children. It also allows me to invest more in additional materials and supplies to continue my lifetime pursuit of making woodcuts.


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