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Frankenberry Vs the Klan classic woodcut

Frankenberry Vs the Klan classic woodcut

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woodblock, ink, paper

There's a lot for me to say about this woodcut. Originally made in 1996 . Just weeks before grad school started up at LSU. the original block was destroyed the day after I graduated, when I threw away every block I had ever made , symbolically getting ready for a new , post graduate life. I sold the last prints from the old block about ten years ago. This is the image that is responsible for my entry into the legendary Outlaw Printmakers! Tom Huck saw this at a conference in Ohio back in 1997 and the rest is history .I finally decided to recut the whole four blocks required to make this print , and honestly , It's a ton better than the original anyway. see for yourself.... I will be editioning this I'm gonna make 50 of em hell yeah!

My woodcuts are carved from Russian Birch plywood using an assortment of Japanese gouges fueled by ice cold Mountain Dew 
with Guided by Voices always playing loudly in the background!
This hand carved woodcut print is signed , and dated (on the back).

Every purchase you make allows me to stay home with my wife Julie and our five children. It also allows me to invest more in additional materials and supplies to continue my lifetime pursuit of making woodcuts. Thank You. 
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