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Blue Skull Woodcut Handpulled Print

Blue Skull Woodcut Handpulled Print

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I made an edition of this skull with Hurley but i went back into the blocks and reworked it a little bit. I like this a lot better!

Title: "Blue Skull"
Edition:  open
Medium: Woodcut
Size: 15' x 20"
Paper:  Arnhem Gray

⩙ My woodcuts are carved from Baltic Birch or Japanese Shina using an assortment of Japanese gouges printed on American-made presses, fueled by ice-cold Mountain Dew with Guided by Voices always playing loudly in the background!

⩙ These graphics are printed with oil-based relief ink.

⩙ Every purchase you make allows me to stay home with my wife Julie and our five children. It also allows me to invest more in additional materials and supplies to continue my lifetime pursuit of making woodcuts.

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