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Woodcut Funhouse

TikTok exclusive Silver Skull Linocut printed Shirt and Robot print Bundle

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Ok I'm excited about this! I'm only offering 100 of these silver ink skull linocut printed black tshirts. And TikTok is the only place that will know about them. I'm not mentioning these shirts on any other social media ,If you order a shirt, and leave a comment on my TikTok, Ill give you a 2 free silver glitter stickers as well. Help me celebrate getting 25K followers since June! I'm only printing 100 each shirt will be signed and numbered on the sleeve in silver Sharpie... Thank You TIKTOK! But for 10 of you I'm offering this bundle which includes the shirt and this killer silver ink robot on black paper . just $100 for the shirt and the print! 

Every purchase you make allows me to stay home with my wife Julie and our five children. It also allows me to invest more in additional materials and supplies to continue my lifetime pursuit of making woodcuts. Thank You. 

My woodcuts are carved from Russian Birch plywood using an assortment of Japanese gouges  printed  on American Made Presses,  fueled by ice cold Mountain Dew 
with Guided by Voices always playing loudly in the background!