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Woodcut Funhouse

Assorted Linocuts Printed on Painted Birch Panels 3 for $100

Assorted Linocuts Printed on Painted Birch Panels 3 for $100

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Title: "Assorted Linocuts"
Medium: Woodcut printed on Painted  Baltic Birch 
Size: Approximately 6" x 8"
pick 3 of these panels for $100
 I have over 60 different linocuts that I have been printing on these painted wooden panels..  Your purchase will be for a panel that looks like the one you see pictured, although since they are prints on painted wood there will be variances from panel to panel.( I will give you a print on the same color panel as seen in photos unless you ask for specific custom colors for your image.) Make sure to indicate which one you want or choose from the additional listings for bundles .

 I've taken to printing many of my woodcuts directly onto Birch Plywood panels. I think that this is the best way for me to do it. They look really good this way. They are more durable plus they don't need frames because they come ready to hang!!!

My woodcuts are carved from Russian Birch plywood using an assortment of Japanese gouges fueled by ice cold Mountain Dew
with Guided by Voices always playing loudly in the background!
This hand carved woodcut print is signed , and dated (on the back).

Every purchase you make allows me to stay home with my wife Julie and our five children. It also allows me to invest more in additional materials and supplies to continue my lifetime pursuit of making woodcuts. Thank You

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