Welcome to the New Woodcut Funhouse

Welcome to the New Woodcut Funhouse

I don't know if you noticed, but there have been some changes to the Woodcut Funhouse online store. For the last 2 years I have used Tictail as my provider for Woodcutfunhouse.com and they were recently acquired by Shopify. Consequently I have been slowly repopulating my "store".In the end I think this will be for the better as it will force me into making some much needed adjustments.We'll see...
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I just bought a print of your Robert Johnson Taught The Devil To Play Guitar piece. I saw it yesterday in the background on “Home Town.” I was drinking beer and didn’t pay attention to who you were, so I had to hunt you down. Very cool stuff. Has your business exploded since you were on the show? Anyway, thanks. Good luck! Party on!

Bo Sammons

Hi Sean . This is Michael in Fargo . We met when you came to do a workshop at the ndsu print dept.
can you tell me , do you use a digital camera or a scanner to get your art work onto the computer? I know how to use an8.5 X11 scanner but most of my work is 20 × 26 or bigger and I’m not sure how I should make them digital. I hope you and your family are well and it was so very great to meet you in person. Best MS

Michael Scott

Hi, I can’t find an email address for Sean Starwars, but will continue looking for contact details. In the meantime, I hope this will reach him. I am writing to ask for help from Sean getting a wood cut print I had ordered from Laurel Mercantile. I live in the Uk, and have been able to watch some of the Home Town episodes. On one, I loved watching Sean and Erin create a Spanish tile themed wood cut that was used in a kitchen.

While attempting to order a coral coloured one this past April, I had a hiccup as they could not ship to the Uk and while we were organising the paperwork to allow me to order it from the Uk and have it shipped to a relative in the US, the last coral one was sold! So, after some help from Emily, she said she had arranged with Sean to make one in coral and they would ship it to my sister in Connecticut. I was very thankful and happy.

Now, in June, my sister is still waiting for the print to arrive as she was then going to post it to me here in the UK. I have learned that Mr. Starwars has relocated to another state, and I am thinking that perhaps this move put a bit of a back log on getting this beautiful wood cut print to Emily. Can he or someone who helps with orders please contact me to help me understand how this order is progressing? Thanks so much.
Fingers crossed this can get settled as I love that print he created.
All the best, Gaye

Gaye Stenard

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